Hustle & Muscle Personal Trainer - Michael Skaja

Michael Skaja
Michael started his path in Personal Training back in 2013, while graduating as the youngest in his cohort with a degree from LCC in Exercise & Movement Sciences. Recently, Michael has graduated from the University of Oregon while working as a Personal Trainer on campus.

Michael has worked with a large variety of demographics and skill levels. Michael really enjoys introducing all people to exercise and equipment options, because he understands the importance and joy that comes along with instructing / training. Michael is ready to meet with you!

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Hustle & Muscle Personal Trainer - Sandra Hentze

Sandra Hentze
Fitness has always been a part of my life. And like most people I’ve also struggled with things such as weight management, injury, juggling family and career, and trying to find my own path in health and wellness. In 2013 I changed careers so that I could use my experiences to help others.

I have competed in triathlon, and I love running and being on my road bike. When I returned to school in 2013, I greatly increased my strength training, as well as adding functional training. This has made my favorite activities more enjoyable and sustainable, even now that I am beyond my 40s.
I have experience working with ages 10-80. I love helping people become stronger to avoid injury, keep up with kids and grandkids, enjoy everyday life more fully, or whatever goal is a priority. I also love helping people find their way in overall health and wellness. Everyone is unique, but there is a pathway for everyone.

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Hustle & Muscle Personal Trainer - Alexann Watson

Alexann Watson
As an ACE certified personal trainer and graduate of the University of Alabama’s Human Performance & Exercise Science program, Alexann is highly knowledgeable in many different areas of fitness. She has competed in Powerlifting as well as NPC Figure, and has also worked as an intern in Samford University’s Strength & Conditioning department. With a passion for fitness and helping others, Alexann’s goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals while helping you understand why and how it all works.

She is a very positive person and works to keep her clients in a positive mindset as well. In addition to her bachelor’s degree, Alexann also has a minor in nutrition and is available for nutritional consultation. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, hiking and spending time with her dog, Sarge.

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Hustle & Muscle Personal Trainer - Melena Bronson

Melena Bronson
With a background in dance, ice skating, yoga, Pilates, and free diving, Melena offers classes to help lift both your body and mind. She has her Personal Training certificate from NSCA, a Bachelors in Dance from the UO, and a Masters in Physical Therapy from Amsterdam, NL. Her extensive knowledge of the human body and her passion for movement are what motivate her to encourage students to succeed.

Her specialties include resistance and functional movement training, body weight exercises, prevention and recovery from injury, and motivational coaching to help her clients achieve their goals. When she isn’t teaching, she enjoys spending as much time with animals as she can.

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