About the business

A woman owned fitness studio and training facility focused on providing a safe, fun and intimate environment for everyone to be successful in meeting their fitness goals. The studio features a group work out room offering a myriad of classes to prevent you from getting bored from dance fitness to Piyo to BUTI yoga.

Want to amp up your fitness routine and finally get in the shape you have been striving for? Hire one of Hustle & Muscles’ certified personal trainers for regular one-on-one coaching or small group training. The workout room is private and can only be accessed when working with a personal trainer creating a space that is ultimately yours. 

The Fitness Studio

The Hustle & Muscle Fitness Studio features private showers, bathrooms, a private intake room for when you meet with your personal trainer. We included the little things that enhance your overall experience like a reception area with tables to chat with friends and a living wall creating fresh oxygen. Hustle & Muscle takes pride in keeping the studio space clean and fresh at all times. The environment is one that will provide comfort and inspiration designed by a local architect and interior designer. This isn’t your typical box gym or garage gym! But most importantly, Hustle & Muscle will be your community fitness home.

Our lobby also features a retail area featuring products from local woman owned businesses.