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We are closed

Due to the Coronavirus and the restrictive operational regulations put on fitness businesses, the very difficult decision has been made to close our doors.

So many of you have played a part in making Hustle & Muscle the special place that it was, and we firmly believe that it has served its purpose - just in a shorter amount of time than we had anticipated. We wanted the gym to be a place for people to escape, feel good about themselves, make progress towards their goals and be uplifted in a positive space.

We can honestly say that this gym has changed our lives.

Our timing was unfortunately not the greatest as we had only 4 short months of operating before the pandemic shut our doors and the roller coaster of opening and closing from that point forward ensued.

We cherish all of our memories and wish you the best in your fitness journey. Thank you for your support and being a part of our family.

We recommend checking out some of the other woman owned fitness businesses:
-Wild Light Yoga
-GLOW Yoga Studio
-Mountain Fitness


Bethany Robinson and The Hustle & Muscle Team


class schedule


Supportive environment

Everyone is welcome! If you have never taken a dance fitness class or lifted a weight before don't worry, all you need to do is walk through our doors, our classes are fun and accessible.
If you want to focus on fitness as you age or if you are a fitness enthusiast, we have something for you!

More About Us

One-on-one personal training
Small Group Fitness Classes

$40 -2 weeks
unlimited CLASSES

2 weeks start from 1st class attendance
Limit 1 pp (Must be new client)

$15 Drop in for
one group fitness class

10 class pack    

Expires in 3 months from 1st class attendance

$95/mo unlimited classes
take 3 classes/wk = $8/class
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5 class pack    

Expires in 2 months from 1st class attendance

Over 25 classes per week 
1st Class is Free